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Joi, 21 Ianuarie 2016

“Biblion” became the exclusive representative of “Pearson” ELT in Moldova.

 Dear friends!

We are glad to announce that beginning with Junuary 1st 2016 “Biblion” became the exclusive representative for the international educational company “PEARSON”.

In our bookshops you can find a broad spectrum of English Language Teaching Books!

Pearson Longman logo

You are welcome in our bookshops in Chișinău:

bul. Ştefan cel Mare, 184 (colţ str. T.Ciorba), tel.: 022-23-53-63;

str. Vlaicu Pârcălab, 75 (în incinta teatrului Cehov), tel.: 022-22-42-48;

bul. Ştefan cel Mare, 62 (colţ str. Tighina), tel.: 022-27-77-12;

str. Miron Costin, 5, tel.: 022-43-40-14